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Looking for a cheap bankruptcy lawyer? Do your research!

If you need legal advice concerning financial problems and specifically with possibly filing bankruptcy, you naturally want to get it done as cheap (and as good) as possible.  In the world of Amazon, Facebook, and Google, many of us spend a lot of time doing research to find the best possible answers online, educate ourselves […]

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Considering Ch. 7 Bankruptcy

Sometimes bankruptcy is a good decision. Sometimes it is not going to help you at all. Most of the time when a person thinks of bankruptcy they think of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is, in a nutshell, when a trustee will essentially take a person’s assets (if any) and use the proceeds (if any) to pay off the […]

Bankruptcy- Fact versus Fiction

Bankruptcy – Fact v. Fiction There are so many myths surrounding the bankruptcy process and many of these myths prevent people from considering filing for bankruptcy to relieve the financial stress.  Some common myths are discussed here. A medical bankruptcy. Fact and Fiction.  A “medical bankruptcy” is not an official bankruptcy term.  However, many bankruptcies […]

Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Filing Bankruptcy

What do you know about filing for bankruptcy? Perhaps you’ve heard the word before on the news, or maybe even had friends who filed bankruptcy, but what do you actually know about bankruptcy?  More importantly, if you are considering filing bankruptcy, what things should you know? Well, obviously, bankruptcy law is complex and one short […]

When is bankruptcy the right option? | 5 signs

For starters, do we even need to mention that bankruptcy isn’t for everyone? Let’s get this out of the way first:  Nobody wants to file bankruptcy if they don’t have to.  Quite the contrary is true based on my personal observation as a bankruptcy attorney in Omaha for the last 24 plus years.  But, sometimes […]

Why Ignoring your Debts Will Only Make it Worse

Ignoring unpaid bills often make the problems multiply Taking action is hard.  Sometimes, simply ignoring the growing pile of bills or avoiding the endless phone calls seems easier than facing what might be inside the envelope or who might be on the other end of the phone line.  But, merely ignoring debt problems won’t make […]

DON’T pay back family debts if you are thinking about bankruptcy!

Paying back loans and debts owed to family members is extremely important to most people.  But, if you really care about them, please don’t pay them back before you file bankruptcy! Paying back family loans before bankruptcy causes problems for them. As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.  This is especially true when you […]

I Declare Bankruptcy!!! 1 easy step.

Declare bankruptcy in one easy step! If you have every wondered what it meant to “Declare Bankruptcy,” this YouTube clip from The Office  will provide you with a unique perspective!  Well, if life could be so simple and easy as that!  Very funny stuff. Ok, how to I really declare bankruptcy in Omaha? It’s not that […]

When does filing bankruptcy make sense?

The agonizing debate of whether or not to file bankruptcy Should I file bankruptcy?  Is there any other way to settle my debts without filing bankruptcy?  What are the long term affects of bankruptcy?  Or, perhaps the question should be what are the affects of not filing bankruptcy if I know that it is near […]

Can only one spouse file bankruptcy? | Am I liable for my spouse’s debts?

Yes and maybe.  One spouse is certainly able to file bankruptcy by themselves and they may or may not be jointly liable for their debts.  Let’s break this down. Any individual person may file bankruptcy, even if they are married. There are definitely times when one spouse should file bankruptcy alone and not involve the […]

Great source for Bankruptcy information in Nebraska

If you are seeking reliable and helpful information on the possibility of filing a bankruptcy, you owe yourself a visit to the website of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Nebraska.  It is a wealth of information for beginners and professional bankruptcy attorneys.  One of the more valuable tools available on the […]


2012 has been a very difficult financial year for many people in Omaha and nationwide and it seems to be getting worse.  Something is definitely not right with the economy and many good people are finding themselves facing bankruptcy for the first time.  This is a sad situation for our country and we can only […]

Introduction to Nebraska Bankruptcy Exemptions | Part II

An overview of the Nebraska Bankruptcy exemption scheme The foundation of determining which exemption laws apply in Nebraska with respect to a bankruptcy filing starts with Neb.Rev.St. § 25-15,105.  This section of the law reads as follows: The federal exemptions provided in 11 U.S.C. 522, subsection (d), are hereby rejected by the State of Nebraska. The State of […]

How do I file bankruptcy in Omaha? | Necessary documents

Ok, so you have worried enough and struggled through the decision making process and now know that you need to file bankruptcy.  You want to get this done; so what are the necessary steps? Bankruptcy attorneys in Omaha and elsewhere are required to make sure that the information on your bankruptcy petition is, to the […]

Bankruptcy EXEMPTIONS Part I | Omaha Bankruptcy Lawyer explains

Bankruptcy exemptions are designed to PROTECT your assets One of the most fundamental tasks that an Omaha bankruptcy attorney must quickly and effectively determine is what assets of his or her client are safe and protected if a bankruptcy is filed and which are not, if any.  If you don’t get that analysis right, there […]

Omaha Bankruptcy Attorney uses State of the Art Technology for Chapter 13 Plans

In the beginning, Omaha bankruptcy attorneys used typewriters Not so many years ago, when George H.W. Bush was still president, most bankruptcy attorneys in Omaha used typewriters and a lot of carbon paper to prepare bankruptcy petitions.  The year was 1989 when I prepared my first bankruptcy petition.  I remember it clearly because I had […]

Get your DRIVER’S LICENSE back- Bankruptcy Attorney in Omaha explains

If you have lost your driver’s license due to an accident and didn’t have insurance, filing bankruptcy can solve the problem….Bankruptcy Attorney in Omaha explains the details: The bankruptcy discharge rules (statutes) are written so that generally EVERYTHING is wiped out or discharged UNLESS there is an exclusion specifically mentioned.  There are several exceptions to […]

Bankruptcy “Means Test”- What is it?

As a bankruptcy attorney in Omaha, I frequently get questions about the “Means Test” by people who have spent a considerable amount of time on the Internet.  I actually really enjoy these technical questions because we can jump right into the little nuances of the bankruptcy means test and how it works in the “real […]

Bankruptcy Attorney Omaha – Top 5 list of Little Known Bankruptcy Facts that can HELP YOU!

There are just so many little known facts about bankruptcy that, if better known, could really help people suffering from financial problems.  I’ve compiled a quick list of topics that many of my clients were surprised to learn: 1.  Can taxes be discharged in bankruptcy? Answer:  Yes, sometimes.  The first rule is that  you can […]

What is bankruptcy?

Honestly, most people don’t know what a bankruptcy really is.  What does it actually mean to “file bankruptcy?”  Does the government or some other organization pay my bills for me when I file bankruptcy in Omaha or anywhere else? These are really good questions.  When I graduated from Creighton Law School located in Omaha, Nebraska […]

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