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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Nebraska

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires monthly payments for a period of 36 to 60 months.  Contrary to popular belief, Chapter 13 bankruptcies are very effective and provide an affordable option for people to reduce and consolidate their debts.  In many ways, a Chapter 13 is everything that a debt settlement should be and is, in […]

Why Ignoring your Debts Will Only Make it Worse

Ignoring unpaid bills often make the problems multiply Taking action is hard.  Sometimes, simply ignoring the growing pile of bills or avoiding the endless phone calls seems easier than facing what might be inside the envelope or who might be on the other end of the phone line.  But, merely ignoring debt problems won’t make […]

How can I afford bankruptcy if I’m broke?

Bankruptcy is affordable and offers lasting protection if carefully planned It’s the classic Chicken and the Egg problem.  I need to file bankruptcy but I can’t afford to file.  It’s just too expensive.  I need a cheap and affordable option. A fast and inexpensive Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not always the best choice.  Consider Chapter […]

Foreclosures in Omaha | What is the process?

Nebraska allows foreclosure without a court hearing! Non-judicial foreclosure laws For better or worse, Nebraska allows mortgage companies, banks and other lien holders to foreclose on real property without a court proceeding.  The authority that provides for non-judicial “mortgage” loans is found at Neb. Rev. St. § 76-1018 et seq. and is commonly referred to as […]

Divorce Property settlement wiped out in bankruptcy

Divorce Property settlements are wiped out in Chapter 13 bankruptcy Schultz versus Schultz.  Mr. and Mrs. Shultz were going through a divorce in the District Court of Buffalo County, Nebraska.  On August 30, 2011, the court enters an order that provides: To equalize the division of the property of the parties and allocation of the […]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy- A very POWERFUL legal tool

Most people, including attorneys, do not fully grasp the power of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  It is quite amazing how so many problems can be handled with such a bankruptcy.  Nothing else even comes close; not a Chapter 7 bankruptcy nor a Chapter 11 proceeding.   The reason a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is so powerful […]

Business Bankruptcy | Bankruptcy Lawyer in Omaha explains the options

What is a business bankruptcy? A business bankruptcy is a topic frequently misunderstood.  Sometimes, a CORPORATE bankruptcy filing is what is meant.  In other words, the corporation itself files bankruptcy, not the individuals that own the corporation.  Corporations may generally file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (to completely go out of business) or a Chapter 11 bankruptcy (to […]

Omaha Bankruptcy Attorney uses State of the Art Technology for Chapter 13 Plans

In the beginning, Omaha bankruptcy attorneys used typewriters Not so many years ago, when George H.W. Bush was still president, most bankruptcy attorneys in Omaha used typewriters and a lot of carbon paper to prepare bankruptcy petitions.  The year was 1989 when I prepared my first bankruptcy petition.  I remember it clearly because I had […]

Get your DRIVER’S LICENSE back- Bankruptcy Attorney in Omaha explains

If you have lost your driver’s license due to an accident and didn’t have insurance, filing bankruptcy can solve the problem….Bankruptcy Attorney in Omaha explains the details: The bankruptcy discharge rules (statutes) are written so that generally EVERYTHING is wiped out or discharged UNLESS there is an exclusion specifically mentioned.  There are several exceptions to […]

Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Omaha – ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL considerations when choosing an attorney

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not only important in and of itself, it also establishes a 3 to 5 year relationship with a Chapter 13 attorney and his or her office.  This  is something to seriously consider and contemplate before making a decision as to what Omaha bankruptcy attorney to work with if you […]

Bankruptcy Attorney Omaha – Top 5 list of Little Known Bankruptcy Facts that can HELP YOU!

There are just so many little known facts about bankruptcy that, if better known, could really help people suffering from financial problems.  I’ve compiled a quick list of topics that many of my clients were surprised to learn: 1.  Can taxes be discharged in bankruptcy? Answer:  Yes, sometimes.  The first rule is that  you can […]

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will STOP a foreclosure sale

Yes, it’s true.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will STOP A FORECLOSURE SALE.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the Swiss army knife of the bankruptcy world. Although it seems kind of weird to get excited about the power of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, when I started my career as an Omaha bankruptcy attorney in 1989, I was […]

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