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Omaha Bankruptcy hearing NIGHTMARES – Choose your Lawyer carefully

Bankruptcy lawyer in Omaha reveals the truth about bankruptcy hearings gone wrong!

The truth is that more than a few bankruptcy hearings in Omaha, Nebraska don’t go well for the person or couple filing bankruptcy.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  When honesty and a careful attention to detail are combined, you have very little, if anything, to worry about.

1.  What you don’t know CAN HURT YOU in a bankruptcy case.

If you don’t know what is important, then how will you know what is vitally important when preparing for an Omaha bankruptcy filing?  The answer is that you RELY on the expertise, professionalism and morality of the bankruptcy lawyers that you hire to represent you.  Don’t be fooled by those who say that filing bankruptcy is just a little bit of paperwork and that you can easily do it yourself or opt for the cheapest bankruptcy lawyer around.  What IS and IS NOT important on a bankruptcy petition is absolutely critical  knowledge.  Moreover, it takes time and dedication to make sure all of this information is accurately and honestly stated.  Even just small inconsistencies in your paperwork can cause you much humiliation and pain when you attend the bankruptcy hearing.  Good bankruptcy lawyers in Omaha are highly trained to spot trouble immediately and they are well worth their weight in gold.

2.  Small mistakes and incomplete preparation can cost you BIG in your bankruptcy.

There is no substitute for careful and painstaking preparation when planning to file bankruptcy.  That is what John T. Turco & Associates, P.C., L.L.O. does BEST!  We are the CAREFUL and DELIBERATE bankruptcy lawyers in Omaha!  All of the bankruptcy lawyers  in our Omaha based law office are highly skilled and trained to help people get through bankruptcy and get it done right with as much precision and speed as possible.  We pride ourselves on every detail, even the smallest of issues.  Why?  Because we have been to THOUSANDS of bankruptcy hearings in the last 23 years and have seen HORRIBLE things happen to good people filing bankruptcy.  Some people lost their houses and cars.  Many others lost thousands of dollars that could have been easily saved with better analysis.  I even observed some debtors that ultimately went to jail for bankruptcy fraud!!!

I KNOW that almost all of these problems could have been avoided.  If the bankruptcy attorney would have probed a little deeper and figured out the bigger picture BEFORE the case was filed……it could have saved a lot of suffering.  If the bankruptcy law firm’s staff was better trained and had the time to really dig into the case…..what a difference that could have made to the life of the person filing bankruptcy and to the reputation of the bankruptcy attorney!!   I have seen this over and over again and it continues to happen to this day.

 3.  Transparency and over reporting of financial information makes your bankruptcy hearing go smoothly.

In other areas of law, it is extremely common for lawyers to advise their clients to not answer any questions that aren’t asked of them.  Although this may be very good legal advice for a criminal matter, it is absolutely the worst thing that you can do in a bankruptcy proceeding.   Good bankruptcy attorneys in Omaha will encourage and prod you to be very candid and honest 100% of the time.  The National Enquirer newspaper made famous the slogan of “What do enquiring minds want to know….?   This frame of mind is also extremely helpful if you want to have minimum stress and risk when you file bankruptcy.  Ask yourself this question:  What does the bankruptcy trustee and my creditors want to know about me and my finances?  Then, voluntarily answer those questions on your bankruptcy petition from the very start.  In the end, telling the whole truth is your best weapon to avoid bankruptcy hearing nightmares.


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